.......................Building a 28mm Feudal English Army using only plastic miniatures.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Still here and Start Small.

Hello Its been ages since my last post so just a quick update. I've finished painting my last 10mm for a while so now I can devote all painting time to 28's, so here's how it is. At the moment just started on my first units of foot/Inf, photos to follow.  Also I've decided to help get the army on the table quicker I'm going to start small and start playing Saga with a  warband of Feudal English here's the list of the starting 4pts. Im thinking of using the Norman battle board for starters also build up from this size I could also use fro Mr Dan Mersey new rules when they come out, next year hopefully?

4 x Knights
4 x Knights
8 x Spear
8 x Crossbow

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